WordPress website support – Why do you need it

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WordPress website support is something that is often overlooked by small businesses and even large organisations. It’s a scary thought that CEO’s will build their businesses using an online platform but yet will not invest in their business to support it and keep it up to date.

Would you purchase a house and not insure it? Of course not, but why would you insure your house in the first place? After all, how many houses do you know that have collapsed or burnt down? I bet you can’t think of many, can you? However, despite the statistics, you still purchase house insurance in case the worse happens, and this is exactly the case when employing a WordPress website support specialist.

WordPress Website Support – Insurance for your website

When looking at WordPress website support it’s good to look at it the same way you look at insuring your house. Getting a website support specialist is like getting insurance for your website. You are not paying just for the sake of it, you are paying in case it actually goes down, the worst-case scenario.

So, you may pay for a WordPress website support specialist and not ever need them to recover your site, but if your website goes down, then at least there is someone there who knows what they are doing to get your site back up and running.

Unlike a house, if your website went down it can take less than an hour to have your site back up and running again, with a house it would take a lot longer. However, if your main revenue stream is via your website, it is insane to think that something so important is not supported by a specialist.

WordPress Website Support – Maintenance of themes & plugins

So why would your website go down and what steps can you take to prevent it?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that is constantly being updated. Sometimes the guys at WordPress can have incremental updates every week, but it’s usually 2-4 weeks. They do this to develop the platform, introduce new features and address fixes for new bugs that hackers can get through.

To enhance WordPress further, plugins are used to create extended functionality to the system and these are often coded and supported by developers outside of the Automattic (WordPress Creators) team of developers. This can leave further gaps within the code where hackers can penetrate your site. So, as well as having a WordPress support specialist looking after your site in case it goes down, it’s important that they also look after the maintenance of the site and make sure that themes and plugins get updated asap. Take a look at how much the WordPress ecosystem can get affected when an attack campaign is used.

WordPress Website Support – Looking after your design

Whilst all these updates are continually going on in the background, some updates can do funny things to the design of your website. Although not catastrophic like your site going down, they can look pretty unsightly and unprofessional to new visitors coming to your site.

If you had a physical store and the door was half hanging off when they arrived, it wouldn’t be a good impression on your business for new customers coming to your store.

A good WordPress website support specialist should also be monitoring the site for bugs that affect the way a site looks when these updates are done and dealing with them promptly. Having a call to action (CTA) that is now misaligned could prevent people from converting on your site. Hopefully, a good website designer will have made the navigation on your site good enough for you to access the page or product you want if this did happen.

The importance of getting a specialist to support your WordPress website

Hopefully, the above information will give you an insight into how important it is to have your website maintained and supported by a professional. If you depend on your website to run your business and generate income from it, then make sure you have a plan in place to make sure your website can be recovered should the worse happen.

Our monthly WordPress website support subscriptions cover all the above and start at £25 per month.

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