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Core Updates – Content Revisions – Layout Refinements – Colour Changes – Plugin Integrations – New Pages – Hosting Issues – Server & Page Errors – Support Usage Reports – Plus lots more.

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Our website support services let you focus on what you do best, your business. Websites are a fantastic tool, but when they go wrong they can be time consuming, frustrating and difficult to resolve.

The online support we provide takes away the worry and hassle of keeping your site up to date and secure so that it doesn’t get hacked or break. This gives you peace of mind that when there is an issue, we can make sure you stay online.

Our website support doesn’t stop there. As well as keeping your website up to date and secure we can also offer support with making revisions or changes to your site. This includes online support for additional pages, plugin integrations, colour and layout revisions and more.

Website Support Prices

With our website support prices, we want to remain transparent and give you great value along with the great customer support you deserve. This is why our prices are here for you to see.

What you see is what you get, and the more you purchase up front, the better value it becomes. All your website support work comes with documented reports with what has been done and what time has been spent on a particular task.



1 Support Hour

Great if you just need a little support or have a problem that needs fixing.


5 Support Hours

Ideal for small businesses who need to keep their site up to date and require small editions to your website.


10 Support Hours

Perfect for businesses or individuals who want to add to their site along with the normal updates and small editions.


25 Support Hours

You may not need this many hours in one go, but this level of support offers you the best value for money and gives you more scope for development.

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