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How can a support subscription help your business and why you need it?

Have you ever had an experience or the thought of coming back to your house and everything had been taken, only to wish you had taken out some contents insurance to cover what had been stolen?

If you run your business online this is exactly the same. Having a strategy in place to make sure you are protected if the worse happens is essential for keeping your business online and protecting your income. 

This is why we created our Web Assurance service. 


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How we support the core of your website

Assurance for your website

Keeping your website up to date and secure is essential for keeping your business online, that’s why we create our Web Assurance service. Web Assurance gives you the peace of mind that your website will be kept up to date no matter what, and in the unlikely event that we can’t restore your website, we will build you a new one!

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Core WordPress & Plugin Updates

Every week we update the Core WordPress & Plugin files to ensures your website’s foundation remains robust and secure. We meticulously update your WordPress core and plugins to the latest versions, safeguarding against vulnerabilities and ensuring seamless functionality. Trust us to keep your digital presence at its best.
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Daily backups and site restoration

Daily Backups and Site Restoration offers peace of mind through consistent safeguarding of your website’s data. With daily backups, we capture every crucial element, enabling a swift and seamless restoration process in case of unexpected events. Rely on us to protect your online assets and swiftly restore normality when needed.

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Security Monitoring & Hack Prevention

Security Monitoring & Hack Prevention provides comprehensive safeguarding for your digital platform.

Through vigilant monitoring, we promptly detect and neutralise any potential threats, ensuring the integrity of your website and minimising the risk of hacks and unauthorised access.

Your digital security is our top priority.

Web Assurance Project Spotlight

Leeds Womens Aid Group Websites

Keeping the LWA Group websites up to date and secure is essential for the women they support.

Women & Girls Alliance Leeds Website
Women Friendly Leeds Website
Leeds Womens Aid Website
Leeds Domestic Violence Website
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How we support your online business

Help & advice when you need it.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, offering unlimited telephone assistance for all your queries. Elevate your business with expert advice on effective marketing strategies, ensuring your brand reaches its fullest potential. Our SEO support will also boost your online presence, making sure your business stands out in the digital landscape.
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Unlimited Phone Support

Our Unlimited Phone Support offers you direct and unrestricted access to expert assistance. With no limits on inquiries, we’re here to provide prompt solutions and valuable guidance whenever you need it. Trust us to be your reliable support partner, ensuring your concerns are addressed and your questions are answered quickly and comprehensively.

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Marketing Strategies

Discover a realm of versatile marketing strategies available for your business. We offer expert advice on a diverse range of approaches, finely tailored to your unique business objectives. We can show the abundance of available options ready for you to elevate your business growth and establish a commanding market presence.

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SEO Support

Elevate your online visibility with SEO Support. We specialise in providing expert guidance across various search engine optimisation strategies. Whether it’s perfecting keyword strategies or fine-tuning content, we’ll navigate the intricacies of SEO to elevate your website’s rankings, foster organic traffic, and secure your digital achievement.

Web Assurance & SEO Project Spotlight

Ross Travel Group Website

From monitoring their security to prevent their website from hacks, to improving their SEO and creating a content marketing plan. Learn how Ross Travel saved money by moving from Yell to focus on organic growth and get better return on investment from their budget.

Ross Travel Website
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How much does a web assurance subscription cost?

Assure your website with our Web Assurance Guarantee.

Starting at just £35 per month, our Web Assurance subscription offers exceptional value for safeguarding your website. Beyond uninterrupted online presence, gain profound peace of mind with our unique guarantee: if a backup restoration isn’t feasible, we’ll construct an entirely new website for you.

With potential risks ever-present, this modest investment is insignificant compared to the potential losses and disruptions of losing your website. Ensuring the longevity and prosperity of your online presence has never been more attainable.