How we support the core of the LWA group websites

Keeping the LWA Group websites up to date and secure is essential for the women they support. Learn how our website support subscription keeps their group websites up to date to prevent hacks or design issues.

lwa group project spotlight
lwa group project spotlight
lwa group project spotlight

24/7 support for the women of Leeds

As a result of having a website assurance subscription for each of their group websites, this ensures that their websites and women’s resources remain up to date, secure and with no design issues. This means that the women of Leeds maintain vital support 24/7 should they need it. The LWA group websites are a vital source of help for women of all ages, so it is imperative that their websites are supported with the best possible solution with our web assurance subscription.

They now have the peace of mind that if any of their websites go down, they are in safe hands with our web assurance guarantee. 

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Support Project Process

Read how we spent time understanding our clients needs, addressing the challenges associated with their individual requirements, and what solutions we put in place.

The Client
Leeds Women’s Aid (LWA) is an independent charity, formed in 1972, providing services to women and children affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse (DV & A). They provide a range of the very best services for vulnerable women and families who are victims and survivors of: domestic, sexual & honour based violence and abuse; forced marriage; trafficking; stalking and harassment.
The Challenge

All four of the LWA group websites were extremely outdated. This included Core WordPress files, outdated plugins and theme builders. Backups were also fragmented across different service providers. The challenge for us was to make sure we could get everything updated and organised centrally with minimal disruption to their online services.

The Solution

After our initial discussions, a full and thorough website review was conducted on each website. We then cleaned up unwanted pages and redirected the URL’s. We also removed users that were no longer with the company and audited their user roles. After a full backup, we then conducted the essential Core WordPress, theme and builder updates followed by another full backup.

“Having FUZZ UK support and look after the LWA group and partnership websites gives us the peace of mind that our websites are in safe hands and kept up to date. It is super important that we have this in place so that all our service users, partners and stakeholders have access to our websites 24/7. Their web assurance subscription is exceptional value when it comes to protecting our websites.”

Nik Peasgood

Leeds Womens Aid

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Core WordPress Updates

Plugin Updates

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Daily Backup Schedule

Site Restoration

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Security Monitoring

Hack Prevention

Core Support Highlights

As all of the core support happens in the backend of WordPress and on our backup servers, there’s not much to show as we are unable to screenshot our clients setup.

So take a look at their group websites. We built the new Women & Girls Alliance website and are currently working on refreshing the Leeds Womens Aid website.

Women & Girls Alliance-Leeds Website
Women Friendly Leeds Website
Leeds Womens Aid Website
LDVS Website