Designing a brand and a website from the ground up

Close Quarter Coffee is owned and run by Sam Graham, an ex Royal Marine who runs Martial Krav Maga. Learn how we utilised the MKM bespoke built website to create a new brand and eCommerce website for his coffee business, all from the ground up.

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A new brand & website for Close Quarter coffee

Using a bespoke builder, Close Quarter Coffee was launched in weeks not months for their eager customers waiting to taste their amazing coffee.

Not only do they have an eCommerce platform that can facilitate thousands of orders, they have new brand that retains their core colours and layout from MKM.

Close Quarter Coffee also benefit from having a bespoke web assurance subscription with us where we support and maintain their website and eCommerce transactions . 

Close Quarter Coffee logo

Design Project Process

Read how we spent time understanding our clients needs, addressing the challenges associated with their individual requirements, and what solutions we put in place.

The Client
Close Quarter Coffee are more than just a coffee brand, they are a vibrant community united by a shared love for martial arts, the power of social connections, and their commitment to promoting mental well-being.

Their story began with a vision to create a space where coffee enthusiasts and martial arts practitioners could come together, forging friendships and nurturing a sense of belonging. They understand the profound impact that community has on our lives, and they believe that a strong sense of togetherness can empower us to overcome life’s challenges.

The Challenge

Our main challenge was to create a fully functional website in weeks, not months to meet their launch deadline.

We also has to create a new logo and spend time with Sam understanding his vision and ideas for his products.

Learning how to manage orders would also require some basic training within the short space of time to launch.

Every part of the site had to retain the same brand colours and include the royal Marines dagger within the logo.

The Solution

We had already build the MKM website from the ground up. due to the functionality of the builder we use, we were able to move a copy of his site over from MKM straight the the Close Quarter Coffee domain ready for us to edit.

We worked closely with Sam and his colleagues to design and present various versions of the logo until he was happy. We also did the same with his products and labels.

Sam & the Royal Marines is at the core of all his ventures, you’ll notice that we included the RM dagger in his logo, same as MKM and also used an image of Sam to create the fighters on his labels.

As well as all this, we made sure he had a fully functional eCommerce store and gave him in house training so that he and his team could manage the orders.

“Andy has been instrumental in building and looking after my websites since I left the marines. Not only did he create and amazing website for my self defence academy, he transferred my vision over to Close Quarter Coffee and created a whole new brand for CQC but with the core values and connections from MKM.”

Sam Graham

Close Quarter Coffee

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Bespoke Web Design Highlights

The Close Quarter Coffee website is a great example of how powerful the builder we use is, and can speed up the process and reignite existing layouts.

Take a look at some of the Close Quarter Coffee pages and some of the brand assets we created.

Close Quarter Coffee Home Page
Close Quarter Coffee Brand Creatives
Close Quarter Coffee Product Page
Close Quarter Coffee About Page