We are FUZZ UK.

We are a multifaceted business based around our passions. We love to create opportunities and success for our customers via our diverse services.

Meet the team.

We are a family run business owned and operated by Andy & Helen Firth. Andy has always been into everything and is passionate about new business opportunities and helping others succeed. Helen is currently a professional singer with a vast background in customer service and is also passionate about providing great care to our customers.


Owner & Multipotentialite


Singer & Customer Service

Our team values.



We are super passionate about everything we do, and we love to work with passionate individuals and business owners. Having passion creates ideas that will turn into profitable businesses and we are just as passionate about your business as we are ours.



We say to our kids all the time, "Never miss an opportunity" and we carry these values into our business. We see working with other business owners as a way to develop new opportunites and to share these opportunities through our network of clients.



We love success and our out look on everything we do is to either learn or succeed. Businesses don't always get it right, so we encourage feedback and evaluation from our clients to make sure we are either learning or succeeding. Success for us is a journey, not a destination.