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It’s important when choosing a web design company that they have the experience, knowledge and right values to work along side you and your business.

We know this because we look for the same things our selves. We look for businesses you can trust not to rip you off and that aren’t going to leave you in the dark or take forever to complete a project.

As well as this, we want to make sure that you learn more about your online venture and we are there to help you gain the knowledge you require in the process.


Andy Firth

Andy Firth

Director - FUZZ UK

Andy and his team have been involved in web design and online marketing since 2009 and have built an abundance of websites for clients and other web designers.

Amongst these projects, Andy has also created a selection of successful online businesses. He also advises other web designers and works with a few select designers and specialists to assist in the day to day running of the business.

  • 13+ Years Experience
  • Trustworthy – Reliable – Friendly
  • 1-2-1 Customer Service
  • Wide Range Of Knowledge
  • Fantastic Value For Money

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