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The history of FUZZ UK Independent BMW


FUZZ UK Independent BMW was born out of a passion for BMW that has been in our blood since we were young.

For us, there is nothing that compares to the BMW brand, the vehicles that they produce, and have been producing for years. We are a family run business based in Halifax, West Yorkshire and we currently retail BMW’s from our home address in Shelf.

Since the 1980’s, our family has owned and been around a variety of BMW’s which has formed a deep passion for the make. This has now become part of our every day life both in business and pleasure. This page is about giving you a flavour of our passion for the brand and how this translate’s into the vehicle’s we have for sale.

As we are BMW enthusiasts, our aim is not just about selling cars, it’s about introducing customers to a brand of vehicle’s that are truly special.



My passion for BMW started as a teenager in the 80’s where I used to spend a lot of time drooling over my best friends fathers BMW 525e Saloon. It was a 1988 E28 525e LUX saloon in brilliant red and I spent many a weekend as a passenger travelling up to Grassington where they had a caravan. There was something about that BMW badge set inside the bonnet of the super shiny red paintwork, those iconic dials, the rev counters, mpg indicators, the speedo and the way it felt and sounded on the road. It was amazing.

Helen’s first experience in a BMW was in her father’s 1978 5 Series 525 Saloon which was Paul’s first BMW. After Paul’s loving care for the vehicle it ended up in a ditch soon after he sold it! Paul then went on to purchase what would be in the future, my first BMW.

I passed my driving test when I was 17 and grew up during the iconic era of the Peugeot 205 GTi, Renault 5 GT Turbo and the Fiat Uno Turbo. However, despite all my friends having these iconic vehicles, I had to settle for my mum and dads Rover Metro! and the best I could manage at the time was my friends old Vauxhall Astra 1.3 which was done up like an Astra GTE. Despite all these iconic vehicles though, I had my dreams set on an E30 BMW M3, a real driving machine. However this was not to be, and my first chance of owning a BMW didn’t come until my early 20’s in the shape of my father in laws old 5 series.

First registered in 1982 on a ‘Y’ prefix, this wasn’t just my father in laws old E12 518 Saloon, it was my first BMW and I didn’t care less if it was a large burgundy family car which kept running out of petrol, I loved it.

In my early 20’s, having a 5 series BMW was not exactly the coolest thing to have, so I decided to sell it and buy my friends Ford Fiesta 1.4 S, which I soon part exchange for my other friends 1.6 Honda Civic CRX. During this time I was professional musician, but despite having no money (typical muzo) the dream of having that E30 M3 though did not escape my mind and I continued to long for that dream vehicle.

It wasn’t until the arrival of our first child that I had my second chance at owning another BMW. Put off immediately by the 2 door Renault Clio we had and a new born baby, this combination clearly was not going to work, so it was now my time again. I once again looked at the E30 M3! but had to settle for a 1995 318i E36 Saloon in Silver instead.
Due to our expanding family and the arrival of our second child it was time to upgrade the E36, this time to a 2000 E46 318i Saloon Black. During this time though, it seemed my friends had ditched their hatchbacks and now gone the BMW route. My best friend who’s Dad had originally had the 525e had now owned a couple of BMW’s, both E36 Coupe’s, one a 325i and the other a 323i and I immediately fell in love with the inline straight 6 engine. So much so, I convinced one of my other friends to buy a 2.8i Z3 instead of the 1.9i version, however he wasn’t too impressed when he showed me the fuel bill a few weeks later!

As well as being the customer service manager, my wife Helen is also a singer and so the 3 series saloon needed to be replaced with our new 2005 E91 320d Touring in Silver which has been our family vehicle for the last few years.

What about the M3? One of the main reason’s I set up FUZZ UK Independent BMW, was not only to cater for my love for buying and selling and my passion for BMW, but to be able to experience every BMW model from old to new. Now, a new breed of vehicle has been introduced to the BMW range which I am just as excited about as the M series cars, the i8. Maybe the M3 will come sooner than the i8, but as long as I am involved with this amazing car manufacturer, then life is good.


There are many reasons why BMW has become our passion . . . . . . here are just a few of them.

  • Smooth, Efficient & Powerful Engines
  • History, Innovation & Reliability
  • Sporty Design & Prestigious Styling
  • Drivers Cars, Front Engined Rear Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Efficient, Cost Effective
  • Innovative Technologies
  • A Model to Suit Everyone
  • Practicality
  • Superb Balanced Dynamics & Amazing Handling
  • . . . . . . . . . The List Goes On!


BMW 5 Series 525 Saloon 1978
Helen's first family BMW.
BMW E28 525e LUX Saloon 1998
The 5 series that introduced Andy to BMW, the 525e.
BMW E12 518 Saloon
My first BMW, a 1982/Y 518 Saloon.
BMW E36 318i 1995
Our first family BMW, a 1995/N 318i Saloon.
BMW E46 318i Saloon 2000
Expanding family, expanding car. Now a 2000/X 318i Saloon.
BMW 320d SE Touring 2005
Best of everything! Well, minus an M engine! Our 2005/55 320d Touring.
BMW E30 M3
The BMW E30 M3, Andy's teenage dream car.


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